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작은 손길에도 따스한 숨결로 다가온 길고양이와

다가오는 발소리만 듣고 득달같이 달려와 맞이한 강아지. 

평생을 함께하고 싶지만, 환경오염이나 각종 바이러스와

질병으로부터 또 하나의 가족인 반려동물을 건강하게

지켜낼 수 있을까 하는 고민에서 닥터뮨은 출발했습니다.

닥터뮨은 면역에 집중합니다.

반려동물식 최초로 동충하초 연구의 권위자인

강원대 성재모 명예교수의 현미 배지를 이용한

성재모 동충하초를 사용했습니다. 

성재모 동충하초는 국립종자보호원에 등록된 품종이며,

동충하초의 주성분인 코디세핀 함유량이 많아

NK세포 활성화 및 면역력 증진과 피로 해소, 

기억력 개선 효과가 탁월하며 항산화 작용을 합니다

(농업진흥청 보도자료 2020.03.09)


닥터뮨은 세 가지 원칙을 지킵니다.

첫째, 건강하고 정직한 원료를 사용합니다.

둘째, ISO 인증을 받은 제조사에서 생산과 포장 전 과정을 위생적으로 관리합니다.

셋째, 반려동물의 건강하고 행복한 삶을 지상 최대 과제로 생각합니다.

Do you remember stray cats approaching closely with warm breath to your little helping hand, and cute puppies running up to us just by our footsteps? Since the memories of those times now have become our reminiscence, we call them “companion animals” with the meaning of “friendly buddy to take forever.” Every pet owners will want to spend their whole lives with them, but sadly, our pets live about 5 times quicker lives than humans. 

1 year for human means the same thing as 5 years of pets, so we cannot spend a minute without thinking of their health. Dr. Mune, our new brand, began with these deep thoughts and ponders about how we can protect our “companion animals” from dangerous pollution and various viruses of nowadays.


Dr. Mune is healthcare dietary supplement made with carefully selected best ingredients, hoping to spend more time with our companion animals in a healthier way. We are the first to use brown rice Cordyceps militaris developed by famous cordyceps militaris expert, honorary professor, Prof. Seong Jae Mo. Seong Jae Mo brown rice cordyceps militaris is a type of cordyceps militaris that received patent by Korea Seed & Variety Service with its usage of brown rice. Since it involves much more cordycepin, which is the main component of cordyceps militaris, it has excellent influence in improving immune system, decreasing tiredness, and increasing memory ability. Not only this, but also Dr. Mune uses Korean chicken, Alaskan salmon, Korean duck, and other valuable ingredients produced without polution.


Dr. Mune keeps three main rules.

First, we use healthy and honest ingredients.


Second, we manage all the manufacture and packing process through manufacturer that received ISO certificate.


Third, we think of companion animals’ healthy and happy lives as the most important task we should have.

주식회사 여섯발자국(사업자/법인사업자) 

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(우 : 04144)

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